Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Healthy Insulation/Made With Your Old Jeans

With consumer awareness on the rise, it is difficult to find building materials that will complement the eco-friendly surfaces you would like to include in your home. Eco-friendly carpets do little for indoor pollution if there are pollutants involved in the installation process. Bonded Logic, Inc. has created a solution to at least one of the building materials involved in the installation of carpet. Bonded Logic has been producing acoustic and thermal insulation, in a variety of options, for over 30 years. All of their products are eco-friendly and do not contain harmful VOCs or chemicals. Their padding products are made from 85% recycled denim and cotton. What a great way to use your old jeans right? They also carry Natural Cotton Radiant Barriers, as well as, a Cellulose product. All of their building materials are anti-fungi and LEED certified.

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