Friday, May 29, 2009

Painting (without the high)

Painting in your home is often a hassle. Harmful VOCs make it impossible to paint indoors without a mask, hiring a professional or leaving every possible window open for ventilation. But with Yolo Paint, all of the aforementioned requirements are unnecessary. Yolo Colorhouse makes a variety of Green-Seal Certified paint for any and all of your coloring needs. Besides exterior and interior paint, they also provide a line entitled "Little Yolo" as an interior paint for younger children. Yolo paint comes in 3 different sheens: Eggshell, Flat, and Semi-Gloss. There are no VOCs in Yolo Colorhouse products. While sampling this product in a friend's living room, it was very easy to immediately use the benefits of such paint. The paint we used barely had an odor, did not cause any unnecessary side effects like lightheadedness, and once it came time to clean up, the paint came swiftly and easily off your skin with just a touch of hot water and soap. The paint was easy to apply, went on evenly, and didn't need a 2nd coat because of the richness of it's color. Yolo Paint is 100% acrylic. For more information, visit:

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  1. Thanks for doing blog about Yolo, I used them in my bathroom recently and just love how it came out!